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Evaluation and Biopsy of Oral Pathology

Regular visits to your dentist are not only important for the hygienic care of your teeth, but also for the early recognition of oral cancer. Early detection of oral cancer can open the door to a wider variety of treatment options, and also increases your success rate with those options. Even the healthiest of mouths can develop oral cancer in the form of cysts, lesions and other disorders of the tongue. A referral from your dentist will allow our surgeons to perform a biopsy of the suspected tissue, and send it to the laboratory for processing.

Not all lesions are cancerous in nature. If you identify tissue that has changed in appearance, color or size, contact your dental professional right away. If your biopsy is positive for oral cancer, you can trust that our doctors will provide and facilitate the most comprehensive treatment for you, which may include surgical removal and/or medications. Thank you for allowing us to care for you.

The following can be signs should be evaluated by your dental professional as soon as possible:

  • White patches or red patches in the mouth
  • A non-healing sore or ulcer
  • A lump or swelling in your mouth
  • An obstructed salivary duct leading to bluish swelling on the lips or under the tongue
  • Difficulty in chewing or swallowing
  • Horseness
  • Jaw pain or other facial and oral pain

We recommend having an oral cancer screening or with any dental examination.  Most dental professionals include this as part of your routine care, but it's your responsibility as a patient to make sure your screening is completed. If you are experiencing any pain or changes to your oral tissues that are out of the ordinary, we encourage you to contact your general dentist or call us today to schedule an appointment.