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Orthodontic Care

Many times during the course of orthodontic treatment, surgical procedures are needed to allow your orthodontist to complete your care. Our surgeons provide orthodontic treatment for patients of all ages including adults, adolescents and children. Our office is pleased to partner with your orthodontic specialist and abide by the guidelines established by the American Association of Orthodontists and recommend that an orthodontic evaluation take place at age 7 for all children. This early evaluation can help to determine the best time to begin any necessary treatment. These procedures may include exposure of impacted teeth, frenectomy and surgical movement of teeth into their correct position. Sometimes movement of teeth into their correct position requires placement of a bracket. This allows the orthodontist to move the tooth into the correct position. By addressing these types of problems for patients earlier in age, time-sensitive treatment can prevent conditions from worsening and possibly alleviate the need for additional treatment later in life.

Our doctors are also specially trained in Orthognathic or Jaw Surgery. Patients who experience improper bite, or jaws that are incorrectly aligned can benefit from orthognathic surgery. Injury to the jaw or birth defects can also affect jaw alignment. Your dentist or orthodontist will determine whether or not you are a good candidate for orthognathic surgery, and then refer you to our office. A comprehensive consultation and evaluation will be performed, and additional x-rays, oral examination and studies may be done prior to rendering a treatment plan.