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Pre-Surgical Instructions

Reading the following information will help you further prepare for your surgery.

Health History & Demographics

Because most of our patients are "New" patients every day, our scheduling and check-in processes can feel a bit extensive.  To help expedite everyone's time, we ask that you print off and fill out the Health History and Demographics sheets and bring them COMPLETED to your appointment. 

Preparing for your surgery is important to avoide delays in your treatment.  Please read through the pre-surgical anesthesia and sedation instructions to find out how you can prepare for your surgery.  If pre-surgical instructions are not followed, you may have to reschedule your appointment. 

Billing Information & Policies

We understand that any kind of surgery can create a financial hardship especially when the surgery is unexpected or unplanned.  While we do not offer an in-house financing option, we have included the various billing circumstances that can be applicable.  Should your personal situation fall outside of what we have listed, please call our office to discuss your financial obligation day of surgery.

No Insurance:  The cost of the procedure must be paid in full on the day of the surgery.  If the patient is “going to sleep”, the bill must be paid before they go to sleep.  We accept cash, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), personal checks*, and CareCredit**. 

  • *If paying by personal check, please note that a fee will be charged for checks submitted with non-sufficient funds.

  • **You must acquire financing approval through CareCredit prior to your appointment. 

  • The cardholder must be present with two forms of ID the day of surgery.

Insurance:  If the patient has dental insurance, the patient is required to pay the day of surgery the amount that insurance does not pay.  If the insurance pays less than expected, the patient is responsible for the balance.  NOTE:  The patient should find out what their insurance benefits are before the day of surgery by calling their insurance company. 

While our office does file claims as a courtesy, you must provide insurance company AND benefit information to our office staff.  This information will help us calculate what out-of-pocket expenses you will be responsible for on the day of your surgery.  We do not offer payment plans.  All patient portions are due in full at the time of the appointment.  Please call our office with the benefit details so that our staff can quote your expected expenses.

When you call your insurance company:

Once you have this information, please call our office.  We can give you a closer estimate of what is to be paid by the patient the date of surgery.

  1. Tell them you are calling about your benefits for “Oral Surgery”.

  2. Ask them what your deductible is and ask if you have met it yet.

  3. Ask what percentage your insurance pays for all extractions and X-rays.

  4. Ask if general anesthesia is covered for the number teeth you are having out.

  5. Ask what the maximum coverage for the year is and how much you have left.

 •  Medicare does not cover any dental surgery. 

 •  We accept Indiana Medicaid only.  Eligibility is required and will be checked the day of surgery.